Gather with us to expand and grow as we build a like-minded community.

blyssful Alchemy offerings include:

DIY Topicals with Formulator S. Siobhan McCarthy 

Empowered Female Guest expert health series

Taste of Tantra with Laurie McCracken

Meditation Circle with Katrice Balmer

Mediations Circle with Moonroot

Plant Medicine DIY Workshops

Vision Boards Intention Setting

Grow your own cannabis 

Infused Dinner Parties

High Tea



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Sunday May 19th- 4:30pm-6:30pm


blyssful ALCHEMY DIY Infused Face Oil

blyssful ALCHEMY is excited to present this new DIY Infused Face Oil Workshop where we will explore discuss the benefits of botanicals, how topicals work and how we can use various herbs and plant medicines to help nourish and rejuvinate our skin.

You will learn how to make a herbal infused face oil with organic plant medicines and doterra essences to soothe, moisturize and rejuvinate your skin with craft formulator and maker S. Siobhan McCarthy, who formally worked and formulated products at Cannalife Botanicals, Lush, and The Body Shop

In this two hour, hands-on, DIY workshop, you will learn the basics of topicals and how to:

1. work with various plant medicines and essences to create a synergistic formulation

2. infuse oils

3. make your own infused face oil to help you manage your skin

We will make a craft batch of face oil together, so each particpant can take some home!

Topicals are a wonderful tool to add to anyone's medicine cabinet.

They accelerate the healing process, are wonderful to soften wrinkles, soothe eczema, psoriasis, by helping regulate the skin.

We will make a craft batch of face oil together, so each particpant can take a bottle home!

Light refreshments will be served in our beautiful studio.

A wonderul event to attend with a friend!

About the Workshop Leader!

S. Siobhan McCarthy- CEO blyssful PRODUCTIONS/ blyssful ALCHEMY

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Sunday June 2nd, 9th, 23rd 11:00am-12:30pm


Moonroot Meditation

blyssful ALCHEMY is excited to welcome Moonroot Meditation led by Dani Lily

Together, we invite you for a Sunday morning tea and meditation class. Featuring the world’s only natural pink tea by Unitea, we will take some time in ritual and reverence to honor one of our most precious resources, water.

Guests can expect a series of guided meditations intended to bring you a greater sense of presence, groundedness, and connection to your inner world. Together, we will practice awareness and self-care through mindfulness-based exercises and breathwork.

No meditation experience necessary.

Upon arrival, guests will be served a cup of Unitea (CBD optional)

Tickets: $15

$1 from every ticket sale in May will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

This event takes place on the unceded, ancestral, and occupied, traditional lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Səl̓ílwətaʔ (Tsleil-Watuth), Stó:lō, Shíshálh (Sechelt) and Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nations of the Coast Salish peoples.

About Moonroot:

Moonroot Meditation is a mindfulness-based cannabis education project.  The vision for this project is to foster connection and knowledge-sharing through accessible, inclusive, and light-hearted community gatherings & workshops where cannabis is not only discussed, but also celebrated.  Moonroot Meditation was created out of a dream to bring the therapeutic benefits of intentional cannabis consumption and mindfulness meditation together in supportive and open-minded environments that welcome all people and facilitate curiosity and growth among the community.  

About Instructor Dani Lily:

Dani is a meditation & mindfulness teacher, cannabis educator, writer, womxn of colour, Flower & Freedom Ambassador and creator of Moonroot Meditation.  She has been active in the Cannabis Community for over 7 years, and has played many roles from president of UBC’s Hempology 101 club, to educator, to work in cannabis retail, to activism and advocacy.  She trained from 2017-2018 in teaching mindfulness meditation under the guidance of Hiroko Demichelis of Vancouver Brain Lab, Moment Meditation, and The Lab of Meditation, as well as with Carolyn Budgell of One Yoga Vancouver.  Dani’s work is grounded in an intersectional feminist perspective, and values the roles of culture, history, and diversity in cannabis & meditation.  She believes that cannabis and meditation both empower individuals to take back control of their healthcare & wellbeing, and that community plays a powerful role in co-creating understanding through knowledge-sharing and lifetime learning. 

Thursday May 23rd- 7pm-9pm


Wanna learn more about cannabis vapes? Curious about the different hardware options out there and the ingredients used? Did you know that vape pens have become the top selling concentrate product in legal states like Colorado and California? Wanna find out why?

Come out and get some answers!

Join us for an info session and learn the basics with local Extract & Vape Specialist, Jen Chamberland.

Check out and compare different vape hardware samples and gain valuable consumer knowledge to better inform future purchases and learn more about this new and emerging consumption method.

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Saturday June 1st- 2pm-5pm

Manage your Pain with Restorative Yoga & Cannabis Education

C$ 42.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Our fascia in an extremely strong, connected web of tissue which threads through our entire bodies, surrounding muscle, organs, nerves, bones and even cells. When one spot gets traumatized , the effects of this ripple throughout our whole bodies!   

The fascial web’s natural fluid state is disrupted, causing tightness, hardening and PAIN.  With just a few simple myofascial self-release (MFSR) techniques, we can smooth out traumatized areas, returning this crucial tissue to its normal supple, balanced state.   

This three hour workshop will begin with an introduction to Cannabis and pain management that will give individuals the tools to begin or continue their cannabis journey with more knowledge and specificity on  dosing, effects and interactions for relief of chronic pain conditions. You will then learn ways to manipulate your own fascia using three simple, easily-accessible, everyday tools - a tennis ball, a wooden dowel, and a squash ball.   

Once the fascia is warmed up,  we will  practice a few simple, fully-supported Restorative Yoga poses to quiet the nervous system and prepare us for deep rest to incorporate the changes into the body. A delicious half hour Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep, the deepest, most healing rest you will ever experience!) will follow.   

Each participant will emerge blissful, with a handout so that you can repeat the exercises and Yoga practice at home, as well as essential oil samples. There will be an option to purchase the simple tools, or you can make your own!


Sunday June 2nd- 11am-3pm

CannaCentric x Moonroot Meditation and Yin Yoga

C$ 37.50

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Dani will begin the class with a simple self-love guided meditation that is intended to facilitate connection to the body, to the self, and to the present moment.  This meditation will encourage self-compassion and self-care throughout our mindfulness practice, and will gently transition the busy mind into the here & now before moving into movement-based practices led by Liv….

Once Dani has led an intro meditation Liv will guide participants through a Yin yoga practice that will ground, connect and relax through slow mindful movement, breath and intuition.

… To end off the workshop, Dani will lead guests through another guided meditation, this time focused on connection to one another, to our earth, and to our common humanity.  Through loving kindess, empathy, and open hearts, we will move forward into our day with a greater sense of our unique interconnectedness and hopefully, with an increased sense of joy and mindfulness in our daily lives.  

Cannabis Centric is an invitation to individuals to participate in workshops and events while holding the cannabis spirit in their minds and bodies. Curiosity, experience and community will be the basis for this exploration and education which is enhanced through the mindful use of the beautiful cannabis plant.

Cannabis Centric Yin Yoga
Cannabis Centric is an invitation to individuals to participate in a guided Yin Yoga movement practice while holding the cannabis spirit in their minds or bodies. Curiosity, experience and community will be the basis for this exploration of the mind body connection which is enhanced through the mindful use of the beautiful cannabis plant.
Yin yoga was created as a way to slow down our movement practices, lengthening the connective tissues in our bodies-the tendons, fascia, and ligaments- leading us to inner places of stillness, rest and connection. With cannabis in mind or body this experience will be beneficial to all but especially those who feel any social stigma surrounding the use of the plant. Those who suffer from chronic illness, pain and/or fatigue will also find great relieve from this guided experience as the classes are inspired to ease chronic pain and illness. This experience will be an incredible way to take yogic principles combined with conscious cannabis use off the mat and into your daily life.
We will begin the class with tea and a candid conversation around cannabis, its uses, community and personal experience followed by a guided Yin practice and meditation to allow the cultivated stillness to settle in the mind and body. Please bring your beautiful self, a yoga mat and pillows/blankets as we may not have our props by the first offering!

Yoga Bio
Liv Maxwell started her yoga journey at a young age with her mother and has always acknowledged our intrinsic connection to movement, without which we can become stagnant and uncreative in our minds. She first experienced this disconnect in her early adult life and was brought back to yoga as she was finishing her BA in Anthropology from UBC. The realization of how devastating this disconnect can become really hit her when her chronic pain and illness came to a head making it virtually impossible to keep up with her previous yoga and movement practices; dance being a fundamental aspect of this. In navigating this experience she discovered slow, mindful movement practices that are much more accessible for those with disability and chronic pain conditions. Yin yoga is a wonderfully restorative practice in which the body has time to connect and explore the mind without the pressure of intense physical exertion. This coupled with meditation and myofascial release she has found the mind/body disconnect that often comes with illness to be lessened and more manageable alongside healthy eating habits, selfcare (an essential practice) and therapeutic cannabis use, without which none of these practices would be possible. Liv received a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Karma Teachers led by one of her personal mentors Lucy St. John and Steve Fazzari along with a 40 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Karma Teachers With Ara Cusack and Lucy St. John.

Cannabis bio
Liv started her journey with Cannabis in what she thought was a recreational mindset and through experience, communication, education and integration she realized that for herself and others cannabis use can never really be wholly recreational as the spirit of the cannabis plant is an extension of our beautiful Mother Earth and her incredible creations trying her hardest to ease the suffering within humanity. Liv’s mindful cannabis use started during her experience at UBC with a generalized anxiety disorder diagnosis. She did not find pharmaceutical medication at all helpful and instead fell back on Cannabis and her accompanying plant medicines. Through this discovery she found Vancouver’s grey market dispensaries acquiring her first cannabis prescription from a Naturopath. A few years later after much experimentation and research with this incredible new world of mindful cannabis use she decided it was time to get into this intriguing new industry. She got her first job at Buddha Barn Medicinal Cannabis in 2015 and her cannabis world exploded. This job taught her much about the industry, her own cannabis experience and how much this and other plant medicines are changing how people experience life, happiness, pain, suffering and loss. With her research degree from UBC in Anthropology she delved as deep into cannabis knowledge and learning and devouring any and all information she could. Learning, teaching and experiencing with her incredible peers and clients in this establishment until her intrigue became a passion. Collecting knowledge, experiencing connection and growing community within this blossoming industry has been an incredible and humbling experience and she love nothing more than discovering new ways in which this beautiful plant can help guide and heal us as individuals, societies and communities. Liv now uses medicinal cannabis to treat anxiety, chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, an undiagnosed autoimmune dysfunction among others through therapeutic cannabis use along with diet, mindful movement, plant medicines, yoga and meditation.

Dani Lily - Moonroot Meditation/Moonroot Craft
Meditation teacher, cannabis activist/educator/advocate, writer, & creator of Moonroot Meditation.  Dani has been working in and serving the cannabis community through health & wellness for over 7 years since moving to Vancouver from a small town in Saskatchewan.  She was the 1st female president of UBC's Hempology 101 Cannabis Club.  She has seen first-hand the challenges and the successes of retail cannabis through her experience as a budtender for 2 years.  Her passion for education and activism thrived during her university years where she hosted many cannabis community & wellness events such as  Women's Nights, Cannabis Conferences, Cannabis Meditation & Yoga Classes,  Movie Nights, etc.

Dani lives and breathes cannabis, and also dedicates much of her time to the art of mindful breathing through her meditation practice.  Although Dani has been meditating for 10 years, her teaching career began with a 200-hour meditation teaching certification under the guidance of Hiroko Demichelis (Vancouver Brain Lab, Moment Meditation) in 2017-18 and another 12 hour meditation teaching certification with Carolyn Budgell and One Yoga Vancouver in 2018 .

She created the Moonroot Meditation project because in many ways, cannabis, mindfulness, & meditation have played critical roles in her wellness-seeking habits, and have been some of her greatest teachers and spiritual allies. As culture & society shift toward perspectives that embrace rather than resist this magical plant, she aims to add her voice to the thousands of others advocating for and educating others on the vast potential cannabis has to support your wellbeing and help bring more bliss into your life.

In combination, cannabis & meditation have and continue to teach resilience, patience, surrender, self-compassion, self-healing, and empowerment to experience the vibrancy of life through radical acceptance.  Moonroot Meditation exists to support you in your own mindful cannabis exploration by cultivating understanding, curiosity, and community connection.

Saturday June 15th- 4pm-6pm


Tropical Infusions with Mocha Catering

On June 15th blyssful ALCEMY is excitded to collaborate with Mocha Catering, to offer you a Tropical Island Infusions Workshop from 4pm-6pm  - making tropical infused sauces:

Together we will make:

- infused jerk sauce marinade (vegan)

- infused honey jerk salad dressing & dipping sauce

- infused mango chutney

The workshop will be 2hrs with a cost of $45

Attendees will receive recipes for each of the 3 sauces and a 125ml sample of each sauce

Attendees will be taught how to infuse oil (olive) using various ways and methods including the oven and slow cooker

We will  also mention that there are products on the market that can help make the process more convenient

We welcome you to make these sauces that you can take home, just in time for BBQ season!

Click here to register

Thursday June 20th- 7pm-9pm

DIY Organic Tattoo Healing Salve Workshop

C$ 42.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Learn how to make a nourishing, healing alternative to your generic tattoo healing lotion with CannaCentric YVR!   

Founder of CannaCentricYVR Liv Maxwell has been formulating this organic healing salve alongside her tattoo healing for years. For the last year she has been working along side the artists at Sacred Heart Tattoo- Vancouver’s oldest tattoo studio- to bring her formulation to its most effective for tattoo healing and longevity. In this workshop you will learn how to formulate to your preference for healing and come away with a finished product to heal your next tattoo project and the skills to make your own for all your future skin art!  

Email blyssfulalchemy@gmail.com or cannacentricyvr@gmail.com with any questions :)