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blyssful ALCHEMY at blyssful PRODUCTIONS in the Artech Loft

After over 25 of years of working in skin care for The Body Shop, Lush and Cannalife Botanicals, McCarthy founded blyssful ALCHEMY at blyssful PRODUCTIONS in October 2018.

blyssful ALCHEMY was created as a place for community to gather and make their own topical medicine.

blyssful ALCHEMY was a hub for female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and expand their craft via our community collaborations.

We were located in a beautiful live/work loft designed by our Founder, until July 1. 2019.  

During our time at the Artech Loft, we produced hundreds of workshops and taught many hundreds of people how to make their own medicine.  We believe it is integral for people to #knowyourmedicine and we empower them to make the best educated decisions for their health and wellbeing.

We now have an office located in East Vancouver and we travel to the homes and communities of those whom invite us to come and teach them about the benefits of incorporating plant medicines into their lifestyle. 

We consult and create personalized formulations for many diverse clients.

We have a series of DIY workshops that we love to teach.


How to make a soothing salve

Learn plant alchemy and how to curate plant medicines to heal and soothe your skin with us!


How to make an infused bath soak

Learn how to infuse a combination of salts with plant medicines to help you unwind in the tub.

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blyssful ALCHEMY

1270 Frances Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 3N9, Canada

Phone (604) 842 6663


Please contact us for guest speaking experiences, educational pop-ups, collaborations and more information at hello@blyssfulalchemy.com

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