At blyssful ALCHEMY we curate plant medicines.

At blyssful ALCHEMY we curate plant medicines to work in collaboration with one another for optimal efficacy.

About blyssful ALCHEMY Ireland



In January 2020, we expanded blyssful ALCHEMY into Europe! We went to Dublin, Ireland and collaborated with CanabaOIls Farms and the Hemp Higher Project on our first craft batch of CBD Topicals formulated by Siobhan McCarthy


Irish Grown CBD

CanabaOil Farms is a family-run farm in Ireland. They have owned their land for a decade and have not used any pesticides herbicides or artificial fertilizers when growing Hemp for CBD.  Their land has also never been sprayed with any chemicals.


Now available in Ireland

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Skin Salve Stick and Jar

Muscle Rub Stick and Jar

Joint Stick and Jar