Product Specialist, Formulator & Plant Medicine Educator



My name is Siobhan McCarthy and I created blyssful ALCHEMY as a place for community to come together to learn about the benefits of plant medicines.  I look forward to coming into your community to share with you, my passion.  

Host us for an educational DIY workshop. 

Engage us as a speaker, collaborate with us to produce an event with you, or to formulate your products!

What We Do

blyssfulALCHEMY is a DIY educational workshop series that educates people about plant medicines and alternative, holistic health practice. 

We formulate and create custom skincare and topicals.

We produce educational events.


Learn About Plant Medicines

With S. Siobhan McCarthy, Product Specialist, Formulator & Plant Medicine Educator , you can learn privately or with others who are curious about natural health alternatives.


DIY Natural Healing

Our fun workshops teach the art of making your own infused bath salts and topicals. Check our schedule for upcoming classes or to book your own! 


Host Your Own

Do you want to learn about plant medicines and how to make your own topicals and skincare?

Collaborate with us on our offerings and programming! 



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